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    the abortion pill process is not without its critics regarding its safety. there have been numerous studies that have shown the complications, side effects and risks associated with the procedure. it is still important to know that the abortion pill process that uses the combination of ru486 and cytotec is highly efficient, safe and effective in terminating pregnancies except when methotrexate is used in women who are breastfeeding. there are a few studies that suggest women who use cytotec in the medical abortion process should stop breast feeding for 6 to 24 hours as it may cause the infant to have diarrhea. safety of the surgical abortion procedure compared to the abortion pill procedure is very similar though the complications differ. the surgical procedure is associated with a higher chance of cervical tears and lacerations, uterine perforations, bladder and bowel injury, retained pregnancy tissue, and anesthesia complications. the medical procedure has a higher incidence of heavy vaginal bleeding and retained pregnancy tissue that may lead to severe infection

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